We have two worship services on Sunday in our Fellowship Hall, at 9 AM AND 11 AM.

Here's what you can expect no matter which service you choose:

Friendly, welcoming people

Traditional hymns alongside modern worship music

Scripture reading

A 20-30 minute sermon by pastor Liza Marler


Chances to give

Opportunities to serve

Tons of parking conveniently located between our sanctuary and our Education Building

***Due to the quarantine, we will not offer childcare at either service or Sunday School classes.***

11 AM

In the education building

 The 11:00 service at Midway is in our Fellowship Hall in our Education Building. The 11:00 service at Midway tends to run about 55-60 minutes and (in non-Coronatimes) includes that heavenly combination known as coffee and pastries. This service is perfect for folks who rise a little later in the morning, or who want to go to lunch with friends after the service.

Babies and kiddos


We have 2 separate classrooms for your littles:

The Nursery: 2 and younger

We change diapers, sing songs, read books, and play games... whatever your little one needs and wants.


The Big Kids: Ages 2+

We learn about God through art, music, and play. This is a great way for kids to interact with Scripture and each other and avoid the "horrible, no good. very bad" monotony of having to sit still throughout an entire church service.

We also have a Children's Moment each week during the 11 AM service, where kids will learn a kid-friendly lesson that corresponds with the  "big church" sermon.

If your kids are wanting more, they're in luck! We also offer a kid's ministry called KICKS (Kids In Christ Klub) every Sunday afternoon* from 2-4 PM in our Education Building. KICKS is where we take our relationship building to a deeper level - both with each other and with God. We do this with programming each week designed to get Pre-K - 6th grade kids to interact with the Bible, learn about God's, and have a little fun. Contact Cindy Hutchins, one of our fantastic volunteers, if you want more information.
*Check our calendar for breaks - we generally follow the Barrow County School holiday calendar.

All of our Nursery and Children's volunteers are Safe Sanctuaries certified, because  protecting our children is our right and our responsibility.