Parents, we know you have a hard job. Parenting in our culture can be a really difficult task. It really takes a village to raise a child, but our village has spread out across the world so much that it can be a real challenge to surround yourself with a trusted, safe community. We'd like to help. Drop your kids off (all ages welcome!) on Friday, December 1, and go out for a date... or head back home for a quiet night in! We'll feed them dinner, play games, and have a super fun time so you can relax while you're away.

If you'd like to participate, just fill out the Registration Form below so we'll know how many kids to prepare for. Make sure you include important information such as allergies or any special needs your child may have. We'll email more information as the event gets closer (such as pick-up/drop-off information, the evening's schedule, etc). 

Have fun planning your night off! Please contact our office if you have any questions.

Parents' Night Out FAQ

What are the times?

We'll be here from 5 - 9 PM. We ask that you come for your kid(s) no later than 8:55 PM so our volunteers can clean up and go home.

What's the cost? Seriously?

It's FREE. Seriously. 

Do I have to go on a date?

Um, no way! You can sit on your couch and watch Netflix and eat cookies for all we care. We just want you to have a break.

What's for dinner for my kids?

Pizza and juice. If your child has special dietary needs, please let us know when you fill out the Registration Form.

What kinds of games will they be playing?

Duck Duck Goose? We'll also be coloring, playing tag, playing on our playground, and wrapping up our night with a family-safe movie.

Who are the volunteers?

They're members of our church who understand the benefit of having some kid-free time occasionally.

How will I know they're safe with you?

We practice a 2-adult, open-door policy, meaning no child will ever be alone with any adult, and no child will be in a non-windowed room with any adult with the door shut. 

Can I drop them off, but have someone else pick them up?

Sure! Just note that person's name and contact information on the Registration Form. We can't let any kids go with anyone who isn't on the Registration Form, and we will be asking for a photo ID.

Who can participate?

If you are a person who is raising kids, you are welcome at Parents' Night Out (this includes single parents and grandparents who are raising grandkids). You don't have to be a member of this church. Everyone is welcome.