Midway Church Established 1836
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    Welcome! Midway is a United Methodist congregation in Auburn, Georgia that is dedicated to knowing Christ and making Christ known. We are a Christian community that is deeply committed to serving our community, loving one another, and worshiping God together.

    Since its establishment in 1836, Midway has had a lasting impression on our Auburn community. We seek to simultaneously honor the legacy of service of Midway's founding members, while also ensuring that our ministries remain vital now and for years to come.  We celebrate our 180+ years of serving those around us and we have no plans of slowing down any time soon.  

    As a United Methodist congregation, our history goes back even further than 1836. John Wesley, an Anglican priest in the 1700's, began a movement to transform the Church of England, which would eventually become the Methodist Church. John Wesley and the church's founding members were  

named "Methodists" because of their intentional practices of reading Scripture, communal prayer, and visiting the sick and those in prison. The title Methodist is a high standard that we both admire and seek to live into at Midway Church. 


    Midway has grown considerably since its start in 1836. At the intersection of Kilcrease Road and Old Lawrenceville Road, you can find our historic sanctuary and our modern community building. We are a church that is open to everyone. In worship you will find people who have been a part of the Midway church family all their lives and others who have just begun to call Midway home. At Midway, the Christian sacrament of Holy Communion is open to anyone who wishes to receive it and Baptism from any tradition is honored here. All of our buildings are easily accessible. We look forward to meeting you soon.